Board of Directors

Determining the Direction and Destiny of New Morning

Meet New Morning’s Board of Directors

  • Gabrielle Marchini, President, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Accountability, El Dorado County Office of Education
  • Don Sacco, Past President, Occupation Consultant, Retired
  • Matthew Arenchild, Past President, Partner, Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure
  • Daniel Vandekoolwyk, Vice President, El Dorado Deputy County Counsel
  • Elizabeth Dawson, Treasurer, Engineering Manager, El Dorado Irrigation District
  • Kristine Kiehne, Secretary, Biological Consultant, Retired
  • Matthew Shepherd, Director, Chiropractor
  • Pierre Rivas, Director, Development Services Department, City of Placerville
  • Sue Prock, Director, Educator, Retired
  • Brett Christiansen, Director, Pediatrician, Marshall Medical Center
  • Joseph Wren, Director, Chief of Police, City of Placerville

Directors Emeritus

  • Carl Hagen
  • John Mooney
  • Judy Morris
  • Jeff Neves
  • Don Vanderkar
  • Tom Cumpston
  • George Nielsen
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