Experienced Team with a Passion for Healing

Our Story and History

Prompted by the love, concern, vision, and faith of local community members for its children and youth, New Morning is berthed in the basement of a church. Although we have moved away from our original location, we’ve stayed the course in continuing to reach for our vision of helping kids be healed and hopeful.

Our History and Timeline

Young people are gravitating towards illicit drug use
Community volunteers begin reaching out to these youth
The Federated Church of Placerville opens its doors for these youth to gather
New Morning is formed into a storefront, volunteer run operation on Main Street in Placerville
New Morning is incorporated into New Morning Drug Abuse Center and operates by paraprofessionals
New Morning moves to a less visible location, hires professional drug counselors, and changes its name to New Morning Youth & Family Services
Because of a change in juvenile legislation, the population of runaway and homeless youth increases. New Morning begins to specialize in treatment services to this population
New Morning diversifies its treatment services to serve children, youth, and families
New Morning moves its offices to the El Dorado County Office of Education
A commission is created by the County Superior Court to discuss the community’s runaway and homeless youth population. This commission asks New Morning to establish a facility to house and provide services to this population