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My name is September, and I would like to share how New Morning helped me find my way during a difficult time in my life. I had a great childhood, but struggled as a teen. My parents divorced when I was in the 5th grade. I split my time between both of their households. By the time I turned 14 I felt lost and like I didn’t fit in in either home. I was learning to use my voice and express my opinion and as a result I was constantly fighting with parents to the point that police were called a number of times. I was fortunate that the same officer had responded to several calls. He understood me and my situation. He saw past a troubled youth who had issues and recognized I was in a bad situation. He offered the New Morning Children’s Shelter as a safe alternative to the difficult situation I was in. I was alone and felt as if I had no family support. I felt as though I had no other choice then to go with him and see what the shelter was about.

At first I was embarrassed and felt ashamed that I had no home. I was worried about what other kids thought of me and my situation. Before long, I was comforted by shelter staff. They made me feel at ease and welcomed. They offered me the daily structure that I had longed for. They offered me comfort on nights I couldn’t sleep and listened to what I had to say. I developed trust in the shelter staff which provided me with courage to start counseling services with a New Morning therapist. She listened and understood the things I was thinking and feeling. She valued who I was as person and best of all she saw my potential. I am happy to say she was right about me!

I love who I have become, the young women that I have grown to be. I am in college working with hopes of continuing on to Law school. In 2006 I met the love of my life. We waited until 2012 to get married. We both felt strongly that we wanted to take our time and develop our relationship. Both of of us are from divorced households as a result we wanted to ensure that neither of us rushed our relationship faster than it needed to be. My husband is an amazing man who believes in me and supports me every step of the way. Three years ago we were blessed with our beautiful son. I am happy to say that he is very healthy and active boy!



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Founded in 1970 to address the growing drug epidemic affecting the community and its youth, New Morning is now the longest serving nonprofit in El Dorado County.

For more than 40 years, New Morning has expanded its work to partner with  schools, law enforcement, public agencies, and other nonprofit organizations to build a safety net for nearly 1,500 troubled children in our community each year. New Morning provides the County’s only shelter for runaway, homeless or abandoned youth. We also provide more counseling services to school aged children than any other provider in the County.

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