My daughter is a good student … my friends tell me they wish their kids were more like mine. … one night, my daughter felt like her life had become more than she could handle. A teen hotline referred her to New Morning’s Youth Shelter, where she spent the next ten days. I’m very proud of my daughter. She didn’t run away from her problems. Instead, she got all of us the professional help we needed.


El Dorado Hills

A lot of grandparents are raising kids. One 78-year-old woman who is raising her grandchild calls us when she is exhausted, at the breaking point. Her three granddaughters come for the weekend so grandma can rest up.

Jennifer Dobner

Past Youth Behavioral Specialist

The need has always been there. We’re paying today for what was ignored 30 years ago—children of parents who did not get the support they needed. It goes on exponentially until we can break the chain, until someone or something intercedes.

David Ashby

Executive Director, New Morning

Whether our students are facing depression, abandonment, or substance abuse, New Morning gives them tools to sustain themselves. We see better grades, better relationships and better behavior. It is a wonderful partnership.

Stevie Clark

El Dorado Union High School District

I was often called to family disturbances with kids acting out and parents pleading for help. ‘Where do I go?’ ‘How can I get help?’ We’ve always had New Morning to send them to. They have always been there.

Jeff Neves

Retired El Dorado County Sheriff

New Morning fills a critical need in our schools. Sometimes New Morning provides the only significant adult in a student’s life. Just one caring adult letting a child know he or she matters is the most important thing we can do to ensure the safety of our students, teachers, staff, schools and community.

Vicki Barber

Retired Superintendent of Schools, El Dorado County

Not all kids get to grow up in a nice environment. Many have gotten the message that they have no value. If all we do is provide a place where, for a moment, they are recognized as a valuable human being, we can change a life.David

David Ashby

Executive Director, New Morning

New Morning provides stability for so many youth who come from chaos, whether victims of social, emotional or sexual abuse or broken homes. New Morning helps them first make sense of their world and then recover so they can go on and lead meaningful lives and not recreate a painful past.

Jeff Neves

Retired El Dorado County Sheriff

We’d be better off putting all of our money with organizations like New Morning. It’s a whole lot cheaper to help our youths than incarcerate them. And once they’re in the system it can be almost impossible to rehabilitate them.

Hal Barker

Retired Sheriff, El Dorado County

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